• R Henry

Day 8 (April 1) FUCS Fitness Challenge

March is in the books and this weekend would’ve been our 2nd metro! Let’s start off April strong by fooling around with the footy... a lot!

Warm-up: (2 rounds)

-15 push ups

-5 burpees

Exercise: ~you cant touch your face but you can touch a ball~

-2500 touches (hands only)

-2000 touches (foot to hand)

-1000 touches (bounce pass)

-500 touches (off an object, i.e. wall)

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Start off with 30 sit-ups and 30 crunches. Then take a footy or a ball with you on a 2 mile jog/run. (Post your distance and the ball took with you)

Warm-Up: -Jog in place (1 minute) -5 Clean push-ups -10 toe touches Exercise: (5 rounds, timed) -50 touches (figure 8 around ankles) -10 push-ups & controlled -10 deep lunges (5 each side)