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...separate from the drinking competitions.

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This website is dedicated to community fitness for The Philadelphia Hawks Australian Football Club outside of regular practices. Community and fitness are key to our team identity and our success on the pitch. It's that simple. We're here to encourage and motivate each other to stay engaged and in top footy shape, physically and mentally. 


On Wednesday (3/25/20) we're kicking off an "FU Covid-19 Social-distancing (FUCS) Fitness Challenge". Since our in-person plans to kick-off the season have been postponed (thanks a lot virus), we're gonna get the season started at-home in style.

Timing - The challenge kicks off Wednesday, March 25, and goes for 6 weeks, until Wednesday, May 6th.  

Prizes/Awards - Stay posted for regular prizes. Awards with be given at the end of the challenge.

Rules - 

1) There are two components to the challenge: Footy Fitness (we'll do this in the blog tab above) & Nutrition (individual and optional). The goal is not only to stay active, but to refuel properly. You're encouraged to keep a log of your eating (if applicable) and your workouts in all 6 weeks. You can use a free app like myfitnesspal or just an old-fashioned notebook. You won't need to share your personal logs.

2) Fitness Component: For the fitness component, you are required to complete at least 4 daily exercise challenges each week and log a comment under each post you complete. A new exercise will be posted daily in the FUCS blog tab above (available by 10 pm the night before). Until we find a better method, just post your exercise results to the blog each day as a comment, even if it's just to say you did a bonus, go ahead and include pictures and any other work you did to help motivate others!  The exercises will be simple and are meant to be a supplement activity so it's a good start if you just need to get active again but will fit in well if you already have a regular workout/training routine. 

3) Nutrition Component: If you want to make a personal goal here, now's a great time to do it. No need to share but if you want some accountability, we're here for ya!  Starting a hardcore diet? Cool. Want to limit how much sugar you eat? Awesome.  Just need to limit yourself to one fast food meal a day? Hey, these are crazy times and progress is progress! 

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