• R Henry

Day 12 (April 5) FUCS Fitness Challenge


-15 toe touches

-10 Patty Miller Side stretch (5 each side)

-10 high jumps per side)

Core Exercise: (the numbers of each exercise are low. The idea today is to see where you may need to get stronger. If you do extra reps, share what you did!)

-Plank (30 seconds)

-Rolling sit-up (10)

- Side plank (15 seconds per side)

-Leg raises (10, keeping a flat back)

-Plank from the forearms (30 seconds)

-Crunches (10)

-Scissor kicks (20)

-Hollow Body Rock (10)

- Tap hips to floor from forearm plank (5 per side)

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Warm-Up: -Jog in place (1 minute) -5 Clean push-ups -10 toe touches Exercise: (5 rounds, timed) -50 touches (figure 8 around ankles) -10 push-ups & controlled -10 deep lunges (5 each side)